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Weekend Brunch! How are you going to spend your Saturdays & Sundays?

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v = vegan          vg = vegetarian

price per taco, made with corn tortillas

Breakfast Taco 7.5
scrambled egg, frijoles refritos
, bacon 

Pollo Asado 8
LA Brea’s spit-roasted chicken taco 
ith guacamole and sour cream

Bel Air Barbacoa 8
8h braised beef in a soul nourishing sauce, sprinkled with a touch of queso fresco, creamy avocado sauce & fried onions


Chili sin Carne (vg) 6.5

slow cooked ground mushrooms, black beans and corn kernels in a guajillo-chipotle sauce, topped with queso fresco & pico de gallo 


Chilaquiles 21
totopos smothered in red enchilada sauce, fried eggs, sour cream, queso fresco & onions (vg)
+ 150g flank steak
for 14

Huevos Rancheros 26.5
fried eggs served on hot corn tortillas, topped with red enchilada sauce, black beans & guacamole

*chili sin carne with slow-cooked mushrooms (vg)

Breakfast Burrito 25.5 
wheat tortilla filled with scrambled egg, bacon, potatoes, frijoles refritos, topped with sour cream & pico de gallo

The Salad 22
mixed greens, queso fresco, avocado, tomato, sweet corn, pumpkin seed, radish & hibiscus dressing (vg)
+ Pollo Asado 7.5

LA Brea Pancakes 
- topped with tres leches, dulce de leche & berries (vg) 22

- drizzled with maple syrup and served with eggs, frijoles & bacon 25.5

Fried Chicken Wings with Homemade Churros 25

served with dulce de leche

Barbacoa Hash Browns 27

hash browns topped with barbacoa, queso fresco, red pickled onions, fried egg & chives

Flautas Ahogadas (vg) 25

three deep fried rolled tacos filled with ricotta & dry tomatoes, topped with queso fresco, salsa verde & sour cream

Avocado Toast Plate (vg) 25.5

mashed avocado served on a crispy toast, topped with fresh radish, sprouts & cherry tomatoes, served with a leaf salad and your choice of fried or scrambled eggs



Ham Quesadilla 11

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon 13

Frijoles Refritos (vg) 7

Apple Chimichanga (vg) 12 

Blueberry Granola Bowl (vg) 12

Fruit Salad (v) 9

Chocolate Brownie (vg) 11



Bottomless filter coffee 8

Coffee 5
Espresso 5
Doppio 7

Milk coffee 6.5

Cappucino 6.5
Flat white 6.5
Latte macchiato 7.5
Hot chocolate 6.5

Tea (fresh ginger, lemon or mint) 6


Mimosa (bottomless) 10.5 (30)

Paloma 17

Frozen Margarita 18

Classic Margarita 18

Bloody Maria 17

Espresso Martini 17

Sparkling water 0.3L - 5, 1L - 9
Still water 0.3L - 5, 1L - 9
Jaritos 0.37L
 - 7 
Agua de jamaica  0.3L - 5, 0.5L - 7
Agua fresca  0.3L - 6, 0.5L - 9

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 0.3L - 7.5, 0.5L - 9
Juices (Grapefruit, Cranberry) 0.3L - 6, 0.5L - 8

WINE                                                                            1dl        7.5dl

Nudo Sparkling Rosé Extra Dry (IT)                 corinva, rondinella, sangiovese                         9                58


Rosamundé Rosé (DE)                                  spätburgunder, pinotin, merlot                               8                57

Stratos Weiss (AT)                                       welschriesling, weissburgunder                           8                57

                                                               riesling, muskateller

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