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To Friends and Loyal Customers - We are closed

But you can find us on Uber Eats!


A note from our restaurant founders from
The Bite, Brisket, Yardbird & LA Brea

To our loyal customers, neighbours and friends,

It’s with heavy hearts that we tell you that our restaurants, The Bite, Brisket, Yardbird & LA Brea, are closed until 10. May. This is in response to guidelines provided by the Swiss Federal Council to #flattenthecurve of COVID-19.

On a positive note, we have partnered with Uber Eats, where you can order delivery starting on 18th March. That way, if you prefer to seek solace in your own home, you can still get your hands on our Gourmet Burgers, Fried chicken, Southern BBQ & Cali Tacos from each of our restaurants. Just download the app and get ready to feast! That will also help ensure that local businesses, like ours, can stay alive.

With our food handling in the kitchen, we can ensure that your health and wellbeing stand at the forefront of our practices. Hygiene standards have always been a top priority for our business and will continue to remain so. We are strictly following measures provided by the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG) and also adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Swiss Federal Council. The measures we are taking will ensure diligent and responsible practices in order to minimize risk to you, to our team, and to the community.

We have immense empathy for the challenges everyone is facing, and we wish you nothing but the best as we all find our strength to navigate these difficult times. One thing we can never forget - we are a community and we must think of one another and how our decisions impact the next person. We ask you to stand together in this challenging time and continue to treat each other with love and respect - this is the only fighting chance we have as a community.

With love,
The Bite, Brisket, Yardbird & LA Brea Team

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