LA Brea Negroni  16.-

our signature bad boy.

san cosme mezcal, mixed with campari, sweet vermouth and ancho chili syrup

Guns Blazing Margarita  16.-

let’s fire it up!

san cosme mezcal shaken with lime juice, hibiscus syrup and a touch of agave

The George 18.-

what else?

casamigos tequila, mango puree, hibiscus syrup and lemon juice, with a chili salt rim

Sunset Paloma  16.-
save water, drink a paloma.

don alvaro tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, topped off with grapefruit lemonade

Echo Park Gimlet  16.-

the “zest” of life.

made with lb gin, lime juice, simple syrup & celery bitters, shaken and ready to mingle

Manzanita  16.-    

an apple a day.

lb gin, shaken with apple puree, lime juice, agave syrup and a dash of peach bitters

The Valley Girl  16.-

get white girl wasted.

plantation rum, passion fruit, lime juice, shaken, topped with spicy ginger ale

Oaxacan Sour  18.-

enemy of the states.

san cosme mezcal, lime juice, rosemary syrup, shaken and over ice



                         Tecate Original, Lager, Mexico (0.35L) 4.5%                           8.-

                         Dos Equis Amber, Amber, Mexico (0.35L) 4.7%                       9.-

                         Anchor Californian, Lager, USA (0.35L) 4.9%                          9.-

                         Stone Arrogant Bastard, Ale, USA (0.5L) 7.2%                        10.-

                         Sierra Nevada, Pale Ale, USA (0.35L) 5.6%                            9.-

                         Lagunitas, IPA, USA (0.35L) 6.2%                                          9.-

                         Dr. Brauwolf, Witbier, Zurich, CH (0.33L) 4.6%                       9.-

                         Dr. Brauwolf, American Pale Ale, Zurich, CH (0.33L) 5.3%         9.-

                         Dr. Brauwolf, Red Amber Ale, Zurich, CH (0.33L) 4.8%              9.-

                         Sundays, Hard Seltzer, Cucumber Basil, CH (0.33L) 4.0%          9.-


                                                                                        (0.33L)       (0.5L)       (Pitcher 1.5L)

                         Turbinenbräu Sprint Lager ZH                         5.5      7.5         22

                         Turbinenbräu Orion Indian Pale Ale ZH            6.5      8.5         25

                         Michelada - tell us how spicy you want it         7.5      9.5         30



                                                                                                           Glass 1dl    Bottle (0.75L)   

                        Nudo Rosé IGT Organic; Corvina, Rondinella, Sangiovese     7.-         42.-

                                Gino Fasoli, Veneto, IT

                        Cava DO Brut Organic; Macabeo, Xarel Io,                        7.5        45.-

                                Segura Viudas, Cava, ES


                                                                                                           Glass 1dl       Bottle 0.75L    

                        Regula AOC; Riesling Sylvaner, Vidal Blanc, Cabernet                             52.-

                                Blanc Smith&Smith, Zürich, CH

                        Kung Fu Girl; Riesling; Charles Smith Wines;                            8.-           49.-

                                Washington State, USA

                        Colomé Lote Especial Sauvignon Blanc "Altura Máxima"             9.5          63.-

                                Bodega Colomé, Salta, Argentina




                                                                                                            Glass 1dl       Bottle 0.75L 

                       Nom d'Oiseau VDF BIO, Malbec, Tannat                                               45.-

                                  Mas del Périé, Sud Ouest, France 


                                                                                                                                                Glass 1dl       Bottle 0.75L   

                        Felix Cuvée Rot AOC, Pinot Noir, Diolinoir, Garanoir                9            55.-

                                Smith & Smith, Zürich, Switzerland

                       Amalaya, Malbec, Tannat, Petit Verdot                                    8.-           48.-

                               Bodega Amalya, Salta, Argentina

                        Martinet Brut DOQ BIO, Garnacha Negra, Syrah                                  69.-

                               Mas Martinet, Priorat, Spain


                                                                                                                                                    (0.3L)       (0.5L)

                        Homemade Ice Tea & Lemonade                                           5.-       7.-

                        Bottled soft drinks                                                                5.-

                        Züri Wasser (Funds are donated)                                            2.-

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