Dinner Menu


Nachos   14.-

with guacamole & salsa

Dirty Nachos

tortilla chips, red & green enchilada sauce, shredded cheddar, chipotle cream

small (1-2 people)   18.-

large (3-4 people)  24.-

Elote Salad   13.-

grilled corn, chipotle cream, feta, crispy tortilla strips

LA Brea Quessedilla   15.-

dry-cured ham, kale, cheddar, chipotle cram


*Each portion includes 4 tacos and 1 side*


Al Pastor   32.-

spit-roasted pork, achiote, pineapple chutney, cilantro

Barbacoa   32.-

dried chile braised beef, feta, pickled red onions

Sticky Orange Chicken   29.-
fried chicken, orange sauce, sesame

Pork Belly Mole   29.-
braised pork belly, pickled red onions, fried plantain, mole negra, sour cream

Baja Fish   31.-
fried pike perch, creamy coleslaw, lemon sour cream

Lebanese Falafel   27.-

homemade falafel, labne drizzle, sumac & herbs (veg)

Plant-Based Chorizo  26.-

chorizo-spiced sweet potato & mushrooms, salsa negra (vegan)

North Indian Curry   26.-
cauliflower-potato curry, cucumber-yoghurt, crispy onions (veg)

The In-N-Out   28.-
homage to our favorite californian burger grilled beef burger,

cheddar, chipotle cream, fried onions


*min. 2 people. our favourite combinations! 4 tacos and 1 side per person*

East LA   31.-

​al pastor, barbacoa, plant-based chorizo, lebanese falafel

Beverly Hills   29.-
lebanese falafel, north indian curry, baja fish, plant-based chorizo

DTLA   32.-
al pastor, barbacoa, the in-n-out, sticky organge chicken

LA Brea Avenue   32.-
al pastor, barbacoa, pork belly, plant-based chorizo


*incl. side*

Enchilada   25.-
mozzarella cheese and plant-based chorizo, rolled in corn tortillas, smothered in red & green chile sauces

Shrimp Tostada   25.-
grilled garlic shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, cucumber, chipotle cream

Gringa   27.-
it's a quesadilla on steroids! al pastor pork with mozzarella & cheddar cheese melted 
between two flour tortillas

Barbacoa Tostada   29.-
dried chile braised beef on crispy flour tortillas, mole negra, avocado, salsa verde, topped with pickled red onions and feta


Latin Coleslaw   6.-
el salvadorian specialty. tangy slaw with shredded cabbage, carrots, oregano & jalapeño

Leaf Salad   6.-

with pumpkin seeds, hibiscus dressing, fried plantain

Papas Bravas   6.-
fried potatoes, red & green enchilada sauce and chipotle cream

Sweet Corn Cake   6.-

steamed masa harina cake with roasted green chiles

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