About Us

La Brea SoCal Tacos in Zurich - Stephan

LA Brea SoCal Tacos pays homage to the food culture of Southern California (SoCal), more specifically honing in on Los Angeles. What does LA mean to us? The Hills are a melting pot of rich cultural diversity, streetstyle artistic flair and a laid back way of life. We've created tacos that play up on curated, well-composed dishes that challenge the understanding of casual American-Mexican dining.

LA Brea is the fourth restaurant concept from Thomas, Stephan and Kirtanya von Matt who are behind The Bite Gourmet Burger Restaurant (Kreis 4), Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar (Kreis 5), Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken (Kreis 3) and the recently opened Hôtel Bourbon Contemporary Dining & Bar (Kreis 1).

We hope you enjoy what we do! 

La Brea SoCal Tacos in Zurich - Kirtanya
La Brea SoCal Tacos in Zurich - Thomas